Equipment booking and cancellation

Currently, booking of all ALMF equipment (microscopes, analysis workstations) can be done by registered users using the online booking system. If you are not yet a registered user or you need additional help, please send an email-request to
On request you can obtain an username / password without booking permissions to see available time-slots on the booking system.

Autonomous booking of equipment is possible only for registered users. Booking for colleagues is not allowed. However, a not yet registered user may work at a system under the supervision of a registered ALMF user, who has to be present all the time.
Booking an ALMF instrument prior to a user’s experiment is mandatory.

In general, booking of instruments is possible at maximum three weeks in advance, however exceptions may be made upon consultation with the ALMF supervisor.
All users have the same booking priorities. Booking quotas for the microscopes apply in order to allow for equal access to the infrastructure for all user groups.
Currently, for booking in advance is we can provide a maximum of two weekly appointments per user, one morning and one afternoon session.

There are three time-slots (Monday-Friday):

09.00-13.00    morning session

13.00-17.00    afternoon session

17.00-09.00    for over-night experiments, only after consultation with ALMF supervisor Dr. Thomas Korte

Please take into account, that the next user should be able to start his session at the agreed time. Therefore, stop early enought for clean-up, data transfer and also for cool-down of the large climate chambers of the FV1000 FLIM and VisiScope SDC.  

Due to security and safety regulations, access to the microscopes can be provided during core working hours between 9-17 o'clock, if you need extended times please contact the ALMF supervisor Dr. Thomas Korte.

A detailed description of the microscopes and the techniques available is given in the chapters "equipment". Here is a short overview for choosing the right instrument for your needs:

FV1000 MPE for general confocal imaging, multi-photon deep tissue imaging, multi-field imaging, one color TIRFM,
imaging at physiological conditions (30-37°C, CO2)
FV1000 FLIM  for time resolved measurements (FLIM, FCS, FCCS), anisotropy imaging,
 long-time imaging at physiological conditions (30-37°C, CO2, humidity)
VisiScope SDC for confocal imaging with high frame rate, multi-field imaging, one-and multi-color TIRFM,
long-time imaging at physiological conditions (30-37°C, CO2, humidity) 
Olympus IX81 for standard epifluorescence imaging
table-top incubation (including cooling) available  

The microscopy computer systems can only be used for data acquisition. For data analysis and image processing dedicated analysis workstations are provided.

Workstation 1: Room 416
Workstation 2: Room 416
Workstation 3: Room 416
Workstation 4: R00m 216 - please book this if you require help for image analysis


If you can not use a booked appointment for personal or technical reasons or if you only need a part of the four hour slot, please send an email to as soon as you know so that the instrument can be made available to other users.

If an instrument is not available due maintenance, it is blocked for booking. In case of technical emergency, already booked users will be promptly informed by e-mail or telephone and will be supported by ALMF personnel to perform their experiments on an alternative instrument if possible.