Nikon TE-2000 
Inverted epifluorescence microscope for single molecule dection
Manual research grade fluorescence microscope with HBO and Diode-Laser widefield illumination, detection with two higly sensitive Back-illuminated EMCCD cameras .
Differential Interference Contrast (DIC) for transmitted light.
special features single molecule sensitivity, automated multicolor imaging, time series with high time resolution
DIC for transmitted light.
microscope Nikon Eclipse TE2000
inverted manual fluorescence microscope, transmitted light with DIC
objectives 10x/0.30 PlanFluor (DIC)
40x/0.75 PlanFluor (DIC)
60x/1.40 Oil PlanApo VC (DIC)
60x/1.20 Water PlanApo VC (DIC)
100x/1.49 Oil Apo TIRF
illumination Halogen
Diode Lasers 405, 440, 488, 563 and 635nm
detection Two Andor Technology Back-illuminated EMCCD cameras
iXon EM+ 128x128 pixels, up to 512 frames / s
iXon EM+ 512x512 pixels, up to 35 frames / s


Filter Cube 1. laser imaging  488 and 635nm
Filter Cube 2. laser imaging  488 and 561nm
Filter Cube 3. HBO lamp imaging UV: BP320/40, BA390/40, DM355DCLP (DHE, Pyrene)
                   only with special lamp and 60x/1.20 Water PlanApo VC objective
Filter Cube 4. HBO lamp imaging "GFP": BP470/40, BP525/50, DM495 LP (GFP, FITC, NBD)
Filter Cube 5. HBO lamp imaging "Rho": BP560/40, BP630/75, DM585 LP (Rhodamine, Texas Red, RFP) 
Filter Cube 6. HBO lamp imaging "CY5": BP620/60, BP700/75, DM660 LP (CY5)
software Andor IQ (more information) and MetaMorph 7.8
incubation n.a.
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Nikon information on the Eclipse TE2000 microscope