Olympus IX-81 
Inverted epifluorescence microscope
Fully automated research grade fluorescence microscope with Differential Interference Contrast DIC and phase contrast for transmitted light. Detection with Diagnostic Instruments RT slider cooled CCD camera.
special features automated multicolor imaging, Z-stacks, time series
highly sensitive cooled monochrome CCD camera with color mode for transmitted light.
microscope Olympus IX-81 inverted fully motorized fluorescence microscope, transmitted light with DIC or phase contrast
objectives 10x/0.25 Olympus UPlanFL, Ph1
20x/0.30 Zeiss LD A-Plan, Ph1 (Long working distance)
40x/0.75 Olympus UPlanFL, Ph2
60x/1.35 Oil Olympus UPLSAO, DIC 
100x/1.35 Oil Olympus UPlanFL, DIC
20x/0.8 Oil UPlanApo
illumination Halogen
detection Andor Clara interline CCD camera (... more information)


Filter Cube 1. U-MWU2: BP330-385 BA420 DM400 (DAPI)
Filter Cube 2. U-MCFPHQ: BP425-445 BA460-510 DM450 (CFP)
Filter Cube 3. U-MWNiba: BP470-495, BA520IF, DM510-550 (FITC, NBD, Calcein, GFP, YFP)
Filter Cube 4. U-MWG2: BP510-550, BA590, DM570 (Rhodamine, Texas Red, RFP)
Filter Cube 5. Chroma U-N41008: BP590-650, BA663-737, DM660 (CY5)
Filter Cube 6. DIC
software MetaView imaging accquisition and analysis software (Molecular Devices)
incubation temperature controlled stage insert
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