Olympus Fluoview FV-1000MPE 
Inverted Laser Scanning microscope
Point scanning Olympus FV1000 confocal microscope with single & multiphoton excitation, three confocal fluorescence detectors, two non-descanned detectors and one transmitted light detector  
Total Internal Reflection Microscopy (TIRFM) module from Olympus with Orca ER camera


special features confocal imaging: multicolor parallel and sequential imaging, line scan, point scan, Z stacks, time-series, advanced time-series, Kalman averaging, summarizing, scan zoom and rotation
highly efficient scan mode with fast switching between imaging and activation for bleaching, photoactivation, FRAP
TIRM: selective visualization of the specimen immediately adjacent to the bottom cover slip (up to about 100nm)
Multiphoton excitation for imaging in tissues ond organs with high penetration depth 
microscope based on Olympus IX-81 inverted fully motorized fluorescence microscope, transmitted light with DIC or phase contrast (100x)
objectives 10x / 0.3 UPlanFLN, DIC
20x / 0.75 UPlanSApo, DIC
40x / 1.35 UPlanSApo, DIC
60x / 1.2 Water UPlanSApo, DIC
60x / 1.45 Oil PlanApoN - for TIRFM, DIC

also available on demand:
20x / 0.45 LuCPlanFLN (Long working distance), DIC
20x / 0.80 UPlanApo Oil, DIC  

illumination Halogen
405nm diode laser
440nm diode laser
(458), 488, 515 ArgonLaser
561 nm diode laser
635 nm diode laser
multiphoton excitation Spectra-Physics Mai Tai DeepSee
710-990 nm, av. power > 1.35 W
detection point scanner,  one pinhole, 3 confocal PMTs:
two independent spectral detection channels, each one configured with a diffraction grating and variable slit for high-resolution wavelength separation and high-speed bandwidth selection
one filter based detection channels, T-PMT, dichromatic mirrors for excitation/emission splitting

2 non-descanned detectors for multiphoton imaging

reflectors for widefield observation & TIRFM

Filter Cube 2. tripple-band filter DAPI/FITC/TRIC
Filter Cube 3. double-band cfp/yfp
Filter Cube 6. DIC
dichroic filters for LSM 80/20

Total Internal Reflection Microscopy (TIRFM) module from Olympus
reflectors Filter Cube 4. IVEVA (TIRFM cfp)
Filter Cube 5. IBEVA (TIRFM gfp)
detection Hamamatsu Orca ER cooled CCD camera
seperate imaging computer with Olympus Cell-R software
incubation (planned) incubation for temperature (RT-37C) and CO2
temperature controlled holder for 35mm dishes and slights (waterbath controlled) available
more Olympus information on FV1000MPE
with free download of FV-1000 viewer software, can be used to view, arrange and convert Olympus image files