Visitron  VisiScope 
Inverted Scanning Disc Laser Confocal Microscope
Fully motorized Olympus IX83 microscope with Yokogawa CSU-W1 Confocal Spinning Disc unit and excitation by diode lasers, two highly sensitive cameras, VisiTirf Total Internal Reflection Microscopy (TIRFM) module, VisiFrap module for photo activation / bleaching of freely defined regions in programmed sequences or on the fly.


special features confocal and epifluorescence multicolor imaging, fast Z-stacks, time-series, advanced time-series,
fast switching between imaging and activation for bleaching, photoactivation, FRAP
TIRM: selective visualization of the specimen immediately adjacent to the bottom cover slip (up to about 100nm)
microscope based on Olympus IX-83 inverted fully motorized fluorescence microscope, transmitted light with DIC
Ludl EP Bioprecision2 motorized x-y-stage
Ludl EP NanoPrecision fast Piezo Z-stage insert



objectives 20x/0.75 LWD PlanApo, DIC
30x/1.05   UPlanSApo, Silicon, DIC

40x/0.95 UPlanSApo, DIC
60x/1.2  UPlanSApo, Water, DIC
60x/1.45 UPlanSApo, Oil (TIRFM)
150x/1.47  UPlanSApo, Oil (TIRFM) 
illumination Halogen
405 nm diode laser
445 nm diode laser
488 nm diode Laser
561 nm diode laser
640 nm diode laser

reflectors for widefield observation & imaging

Filter Dapi (ET 350/50, T 400LP, ET 460/50)
Filter CFP (ET 436/20, T 455LP, ET 480/40)
Filter GFP (ET 470/40, T 495LPXR, ET 525/50)
Filter TRIC (ET 560/40, T 585LP, ET 630/75)
Filter CY5 (ET 640/30, T 660LP, ET 690/50)
Filter CY7 (ET 710/75, T 760LPXR, ET 810/90)
Yokogawa CSU-W1 Confocal Spinning Disc unit
dichroic filters for CSU 405/488/559/635 nm
445/515/640 nm
emission filters camera 1

Dapi ET460/50 nm
GFP ET525/50 nm
CFP ET470/24 nm
mCherry ET600/50 nm
CY5 ET700/75 nm
Quadband emission filter ETDAPI/GFP/mCherry/Cy5 for fast streaming

emission filters camera 2
Dapi ET460/50
GFP ET525/50
CFP ET470/24
mCherry ET600/50
CY5 ET700/75
detection 2 cameras:
(1) Andor iXon Ultra 888 back-illuminated EM-CCD, 1024x1024 pixels, 13x13 μm, 26 fps
(2) pco.edge 4.2 sCMOS, 2048x2048 pixels, 6.5x6.5 μm, max. 100 fps
Total Internal Reflection Microscopy (TIRFM)
dichroic filters
405/488/561/640 nm
incubation incubation for temperature (RT-37C) and CO2
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